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Day after day the business world is becoming more complex to manage with lower and lower margin for errors. In this context the value of a discipline resides in its ability to facilitate better-informed decisions. This highly competitive environment requires knowledge that helps increase effectiveness. Knowledge that reduces the number of failures associated to the risk of innovation. As Marketing did in the past, Design is being identified as the next discipline to join the pool of functions required for successful Business Management.

This program aims to prepare professionals who integrate and master both User Centred Design innovation, project management, strategic planning AND core business management principles in order to guarantee a smooth fit into the business environment and maximize their contribution. Designers need to understand the business reality and the role they can play to be able to participate effectively in it. Business managers can benefit from understanding the potential of a discipline like Design in the Business environment and facilitate its integration to other strategic functions to contribute to the value creation process.

General objective of the course
Enable design, and business professionals to bridge the gap between Design and management domains to become key drivers of organizational success.

Promote social consciousness and environmental sustainability through design thinking.

Provide course participants, as design thinkers, with the latest knowledge and skills to enable them to design, manage and grow their careers.

Our methodological approach:

1. The Master is designed to be essentially practical, the theoretical subjects are mainly based in the Case Study methodology, while the practical knowledge cannot be taught other that learning by doing.

2. Combines the student exposition to academic and practical knowledge on the same subject in order to highlight the differences and help the students build their own criteria.

3. Repeats the same subject from different points of view in order to help students understand the need to develop their own criteria.

4. Projects are started before all of the theoretical knowledge has been taught, in order to increase the student’s interest to acquire them.

5. Re-cap sessions with the Master Co-ordinator in order to check student’s

6. Program progress, understanding and debate on the Program discourse and orientation in order to enrich it and help the students build their own line of argument.

Student entry profile

The course recognises and welcomes students from a range of backgrounds in artistic, management and theoretical. This gives sufficient flexibility within the structure of the programme to attract students with different specialties and with various needs.

Designer of all disciplines, architects, professionals from business and management areas, marketing and communication, are welcome to join the program.

To enter the validation process, all candidates should submit the following documentation:
. Academic background: Undergraduate degree is required.
. Working experience: Evidence of 3 years working experience (minimum)
. Certificate of English proficiency: official IELTS or TOEFL certificate.
. Motivation letter.

Professional careers

Students who take this course will add value to their professional experience in both business companies and design studios, joining multidisciplinary teams, or as entrepreneurs launching their own projects. The course also will help them to develop careers in areas like innovation design, strategy design and business development, brand/product and social enterprise development.

The coordinator of the Master supports the choice of the teaching team and special lecturers, all of them professionals with extensive experience, and associated with prestigious institutions and organisations in their fields of expertise.

Gürsel iLipinar
Gürsel iLipinar has an Economics degree from University of Istanbul and MBA degree (Marketing and Information Systems) from Georgia State University, USA. Most of his 20-year professional career is in International Business field. e.g. Export-Import Bank (EximBank), State of Georgia Department of Trade, Industry and Tourism, United States Export Assistance Center, BellSouth and AT&T. After working in the International Business Development (RIM-Blackberry/Ericsson), Information Technology Project Management, Marketing and Product Management departments of BellSouth and AT&T Telecommunications (USA and Latin America) for over 9 years, moved into the world of Academia 5 years ago. Currently he is working on his PhD in Design Management at ESADE, coordinating IED’s Design Management Master Program and enjoying teaching Design Management course. His research interests focus on the areas of design-oriented organizations, design equity and brand equity.

Training credits: 900
Teaching hours: 800
*The educational planning for all IED Master courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Master programme has adopted a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). IED Master only awards its own private degrees.

The course is taught in English

Classes Starting: January 14th, 2013
Completion of Classes: December 19th, 2013
Thesis presentation: June 2014

January 14th: Official Inauguration and Course presentation made by the coordinator
January 15th: Classes Starting
December 19th: Completion of Classes

Thesis will be developed from January to June.
Mid of June: Thesis presentation
End of June: Graduation Ceremony

Full time. Classes will be schedule from Monday to Friday.

Total Cost: 19.500 €


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